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High Performance Team Training Directions

The High Performance Team Web ExerciseThis website contains examples of the directions, facilitator notes and other information you will need to be able to successfully conduct your own powerful High Performance Team Building training. The complete directions, facilitator notes, and our Communications Styles Presentation can be licensed for a modest licensing fee payment of $99 US, .

Everything You Need To Successfully Facilitate High Performance Team Training

The High Performance Team Building experience consists of the sessions listed below. The approximate time to facilitate each session is indicated in parentheses. From this list you may click on the underlined sessions to view examples of the level of detail included in the facilitator notes.

  • Overview (10 minutes)

  • Introductions (20)

  • Team Vision and Trust (20)

  • Teams Norms and Comfort Zone (20)

  • Global Trust Vote (45)

  • Break (15)

  • Communications Styles Presentation (135)

  • Lunch (60)

  • Communication Obstacles and Enablers (30)

  • The River Exercise (40)

  • Break (15)

  • Communication Improvement Planning (30)

  • Break (15 -- if needed to set up next exercise)

  • The Web Exercise (60)

  • Wrap-up and Essential Elements of High Performance Teams

High Performance Team Training Package Contents

High Performance Team River ExerciseIndustry trainers and consultants who are interested in developing high performance teams may license this material (including detailed directions and facilitator notes for the entire outline above, Communications Styles presentation, and participant handout) for a modest one-time license fee of $99 US. The Communications Styles Presentation is a highly entertaining and interactive color presentation that has delighted audiences over hundreds of sessions. This presentation is an essential element of delivering effective high performance team building sessions.

More About the Included Communication Styles Presentation

This is a well-proven, highly interactive presentation that is complete and ready to deliver. Successful delivery of this one and a half hour course is NOT dependent on the skill of the presenter. The presentation clearly and simply explains that each of us has one of four major communication styles: Director, Socializer, Relator, Thinker. Each of these can be further divided into four sub-styles for a total of 16 sub-styles. Communication styles telegraph how we like to give and receive information. The student learns that some communication styles naturally irritate those with other styles, but that each style is essential for the team to be successful. Students use an individual inventory to identify their own styles. They also learn how to identify the communication styles of others and techniques for presenting information so that it is more easily accepted by those with other styles. Most importantly, students come to understand that the full range of communication styles needs to be represented for the team to be successful.

The philosophy is based on Tony Alessandra and Michael O�Conner�s 1996 book, �The Platinum Rule.� Those familiar with DISC or Meyers-Briggs will find similarities, although we believe this presentation is more easily understood and applied. It has proven to be suitable for audiences ranging from the executive suite to the loading dock and everyone in between.

This is a four-color 38-foil presentation that is presented in MS PowerPoint. It is designed for use as an overhead foil presentation together with a 60-page student handout.

License the High Performance Team Building Training

Licensing the High Performance Team Building Training provides you and your corporation the right to use the detailed directions, facilitator notes, and Communications Styles Presentation (38 pages in Microsoft Powerpoint) and to duplicate the Communication Styles handout (60 pages in Microsoft Word) for distribution to your participants. In addition, you are entitled to contact the author by phone, 972 734-3387, with any questions or guidance you may need to successfully present this program.

As soon as we receive your licensing fee payment of $99 US, we will forward the following items to you electronically:

  • The directions and facilitator notes for conducting the eleven sessions which comprise the High Performance Team Training, including directions for preparing the presentation and handout (listed below) for use

  • The 38-Slide Communications Styles Presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint, which may be displayed directly from your computer or from which you may prepare overhead transparencies

  • The 60-page Communications Styles Handout in Microsoft Word, which may be duplicated for distribution to participants

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