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High Performance Team Building


Today you will be learning how to build and coach High Performance Teams. Such teams are characterized both by what they are able to accomplish as well as the way they go about achieving results.

Starting Assumptions:

  • You have a group of people who need to learn to work together better as a team

  • This group has a challenging task that it could or should tackle

  • You want to learn how to coach this team


High Performance Teams are teams that are either trying to accomplish something that they do not know how to do; or, if they do know how to do it, they do not know how to do it within the time-frame that is available to them. Perhaps the team is trying to reach a never before achieved rate of error free production. Or maybe it�s a team that�s attempting to solve a particularly difficult business problem. Or, it may be a team that�s called together to redesign an entire business or industry. Whatever the case, such teams emerge in response to an unlikely or perhaps seemingly impossible challenge.

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