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High Performance Team Building


We begin by introducing one another.

Thoughts for the facilitator: The following exercise is designed to get things started on a upbeat note. It matters not whether the people present already know one another as this exercise will bring out previously unknown information.

Starting Assumptions:

  • Pencils and paper are available

  • Flip chart is mounted on easel at front of the room containing the following list: Name, company or organization, something you hope to gain from this course, something no one here knows about you, and what you would be doing with your life if money were not an issue.

Action Step HPT-1: Facilitate team introductions

Ask the group to break into teams of two and interview one another concerning the items on this list. Explain that they will have about 8 minutes total to get the information from one another. Announce that each of them will be introducing their partner to the rest of the team at the end of the allotted time

Tip: If there is an odd man out, pair him with an existing pair.

When the time is up, ask who would like to go first.

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