High Performance Teams Essential Elements

High Performance Teams Essential Elements

Shared Vision

Time Oriented


Concern Zone

Quality Reviews

Involves Everyone

Self Managed

Celebrates Success

All team members share and support a common vision that the team is working to achieve. Team members are highly focused on objectives.

Team operates under specific deadlines for achieving results.

Team makes extra-ordinary efforts to make certain everyone understands the plan and progress toward the plan.

The work of the team is beyond the teamís zone of comfort. It does not know how it is going to achieve the results desired.

The team stops at appropriate times to check the quality of its recent work for the purpose of determining how the process could be improved and what learning can be shared with other members.

Team members work to make certain that every member of the team is involved. Watchers and wonderers are employed in progress toward vision.

Team leadership changes according to expertise required. Individual members jump into the breech as weaknesses or gaps are discovered.

High Impact teams take the time to celebrate small victories toward goal achievement. Team members work to build each other up and avoid zinging one another. HITs care deeply about each othersí development and personal growth

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