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Team Building Exercises

High Performance Teams spend part of their time learning how to work together as teams and having fun. Two or three 1/2 hour exercises during the course of the day are plenty, when the team is having a planning, problem solving, or organizing session. The coach will usually introduce and lead the exercises, being careful to use exercises that relate to one or more of the issues that the team is struggling with at the moment. Once the exercise has been completed, and the team has celebrated its successful completion, it is important for the coach to ask about the behaviors that the team observed in themselves and others, then to ask how what they learned during the exercise can be used in by their team going forward.


  • Warp Speed: Problem Solving, Communication, Team Confidence Builder.
  • Warp Speed Reprise: Concern for Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Process Control
  • Spider Web: All or None, Problem Solving, Quality issues, Planning.
  • Toxic Rescue: Using All Your Resources, Communication, Team Problem Solving
  • The River: Inter-team Cooperation, Communication

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