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High Performance Team Resources

Resources are time, talents, money, information, and materials. The development of High Performance Teams will use considerable resources. Newly formed teams want to maximize the resources available to them. The team charter is the best place to establish the team's expectations concerning the resources that will be available to help achieve the team's objectives. Questions must be dealt with early on: Will the team be allowed to work solely on this project or will team members have to maintain their day-to-day responsibilities as well (Time)? What if we don't have all the skills or knowledge we need on the team (Talents)? What if we need more money, or money to invest in the implementation of our solution (money)? We may need information that is held by others in the organization in order to develop our solution (information)? We need a space to work in, phones, computers, supplies (materials). As the team progresses toward its objectives it will discover new resource needs. The team needs to be trained to ask for what it needs and taught that it is good thing to ask. The American culture presumes that people can make do with what they have. But when you ask a high performance team to achieve extraordinary results you should expect that it will have some unanticipated needs.

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