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Additional Cheer Examples

A Pat On The Back - Form the team into a circle facing inward. Ask the team to face to the right, place a hand on the upper back of the person in front and give that person three gentle pats on the back, simultaneously saying the words, "Way" [pat] "To" [pat] "Go" [pat]. Next, have the team face about and repeat the process with the person behind them. Finally, have each person repeat the cheer and give themselves a pat on the back.

The Corporate Cheer - Sometimes a corporation or organization has a highly focused stategic intent. When this is the case, the strategic intent can be converted into a cheer. As an example, if the organization is a corporation, it's strategic intent may be to out-perform a tough competitor, so its cheer might be "Beat Acme!". In another example, the team may have been chartered to achieve a highly focused goal. In this case the team cheer might become "Zero Defects", or "Cut inventory". When working up a new cheer based on strategic intent, the coach should consult the team to get their ideas about their perception of the organization's intent and an appropriate cheer.

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