Selling Self-Directed Work Teams to top management


I have been asked to present on why SDWT to senior manager. Advise on what to talk about, what emphasize and where I can get more informaton.

Godwin, Zimbabwe.           


Bodwell’s Answer:


                Focus on:

  •     Definition: What is a High Performance Team (HPT)
  •     How HPTs can out perform any manager's ability to get results by supervising  people.
  •     Describe the cultural differences between a team and non-team environment
  •     Describe the conditions necessary to create a HPT environment
  •     Describe the benefits to the people, customers, and management for using teams

The information in my website, including the book and article references I've included there, should provide all the information you need to create a presentation. 


Best Regards,


Donald Bodwell